Cloud-based Studio
for metadata driven application design

Simple and robust way of developing and evolving data-centric applications
We help enterprises to dramatically accelerate time to value and reduce costs

Apdax Design Studio drives and controls application development using visual metadata where the architecture becomes an organic part of the system. Apdax Design Studio can be configured to create applications which fit into any data platform used by your enterprise. Architects, developers and business analysts can collaborate within Apdax Design Studio, eliminating misunderstandings and disconnects from an application’s inception through its deployment and maintenance.

Apdax Design Studio is a cloud based framework enabling metadata driven design of data-centric software applications:

Big Data



Planning, analysis and design consume the bulk of the software development life cycle time. With Apdax Design Studio, this time can be reduced by more than 50%, since most implementation and deployment errors are eliminated.

Developers create new
applications and evolve
existing applications faster than ever

Apdax Design Studio empowers developers
to create interactive and
detailed 'blueprints' of
software applications

Benefits of Apdax Design Studio:

  • Consistent team alignment on application design
  • Increased application quality
  • Comprehensive insight into available data assets
  • Reduced time for developing new applications and evolving existing applications
  • Easily defined contracts for applications data exchange using “publications” and “subscriptions”
  • Version control
  • Efficient moves from design to deployment phase
  • Single platform-agnostic configuration center for enterprise data-centric applications
Graphical view of the object links
and application dependencies allows
users to have a dynamic and elegant
visualization of an application’s

Apdax Design Studio’s control panel has 5 main blocks:

All the Studio Design features and collaboration environment are easily accessible via the front page control panel

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